PLAYED OUT 90s Quiz!!!

Let's see how much of a 90s kid you really were. You think you got what it takes? Think you're a 90s GENIUS? You might THINK you're well-versed in 90s fashions, trends, pop culture... But, you MIGHT NOT BE S---! Give it a shot... See how you do...

Did YOU own a pair of SKIDz? Did YOU rock Cross Colours? Z. Cavariccis?? Kamikaze Shirts? What do you know about Bell Biv Devoe? Are YOU down with OPP??

Created by: El of PLAYED OUT
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  1. On Beverly Hills 90210, how did Scott (David's Best Friend) die?
  2. On Saved By The Bell, what was the name of the Beach Club that the gang worked at?
  3. On boy meets world, what is the crazy older brother's name?
  4. On FRIENDS what was the name of Ross's monkey?
  5. On Wings, what were the names of the 2 airlines at the airport?
  6. In Growing Pains, What was Boner's Dad's name?
  7. In Fresh Prince of Bel-Air what was the Butler's name?
  8. On the show FRIENDS what was Phoebe's twin sisters name?
  9. In the movie Office Space, what item did Peter pull from the rubble?
  10. How fast did the bus in the movie Speed need to go in order not to blow up?
  11. Which 2 New Kids On The Block Were Brothers?
  12. Who was the only female solo artist to have a #1 hit single without releasing an album?
  13. What was the name of the animated character in Paula Abdul's "Opposites Attract" video?
  14. What was Mr. Belding's COOL Brother's Name? You know... The one who left the class hanging for the White Water Rafting Trip...
  15. What phrase did Alicia Silverstone immortalize in the movie "Clueless"?
  16. What Music Video did Rap Group 3rd Bass mock Rapper Vanilla Ice in?
  17. What was Uncle Jesse's most prized possession in Full House?
  18. Every Show has a "dumb" friend... Full House's was Kimmy Gibler, Charles In Charge was Buddy, Growing Pains, Boner... What was Family Matters'?

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