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Here is a quiz on the Periodic Table- If you can aswer all the questions corectly then you probably are in the excellent category and have very good knowledge of the Periodic Table. You can certainly do well in exams if you do well here.

If you have any doubts about your abilities you can clear them by taking this great quiz on the Periodic Table. The quiz will tell you how well informed you are on the PT. Try the quiz and see how your confidence comes back !

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  1. Which element belongs to the first group in the periodic table ?
  2. Which of the following has an octet configuration ?
  3. Which element belongs to group 7 of the periodic table ?
  4. How many elements are there in the first period of the periodic table ?
  5. The atomic number of sodium is
  6. The electronic configuration of aluminium is
  7. Which element comes after magnesium in the same period ?
  8. Which element belongs to zero group ?
  9. From the electronic configuration given below which is likely to be that of a metal ?
  10. An element has atomic number 20. Which period and group does it belong to ?

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