What you remembered from High School Chemistry

Try out your knowledge on some very basic chemistry principles. I made this quiz because I was bored and tried of seeing quizzes with no chemistry questions.

You can do this quiz, and stuff, and who knows, you might actually learn something. If not, so what, you only wasted like 5 minutes (or 20 if you are really slow).

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  1. Which of the following list is the most correct list of the different states of matter?
  2. How many neutrons does an atom have if Z=12 and the atomic mass is equal to 24?
  3. If an element is in Group XII of the Periodic Table of Elements, how many valence electrons does it have?
  4. Balance the following stoicheometric coefficients for the combustion reaction of an alcohol below: {A} (CH3)(CH2)2(OH) + {B} O2 -> {C} CO2 + {D} H2O
  5. When you introduce lithium to water, a violent reaction occurs. Which of these elements DOES NOT react violently with water?
  6. An atomic symbol with a superscript to the left denotes what value of the particular specie?
  7. If the heat of formation of a reaction is a negative value, which of the following statements is most correct?
  8. If the orbital quantum number is equal to 1 (l=1), which orbital is in question?
  9. Which unit is measured in moles per liter of solution?
  10. Which of the following is not similar to the others?
  11. Based off of the molecules methane(CH4) and carbon tetrachloride (CCl4), which of the following statemens is true?

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