Are You Ready to Leave Home?

Senioritis is common among grade 12 students -- you get to leave highschool AND home next year. One thing you should be concerned about however is if you're really ready to leave home or not.

Are YOU ready to leave home? Can you support yourself without your mom and dad? This quiz will give you an [unprofessional] idea about whether or not you're really ready to be out on your own, my little lamb.

Created by: Rebecca Vedell
  1. You pick up a few extra hours at work and your paycheck is substantially larger than normal. That extra money goes
  2. You have an assignment due on Monday but this weekend you are supposed to work and go to your friends party -- you have no extra time to do your assignment. You
  3. There is a miscommunication and the person who is supposed to work for you doesn't show. When your boss confronts you,
  4. Your mom can't make it home in time to make dinner and asks you to make dinner for her. In the kitchen you,
  5. You get pulled over by a police officer because
  6. Your dad asks you to clean the bathroom if you get a chance. You have no homework tonight you
  7. Your desk is
  8. You have no clean underwear you
  9. Your mom
  10. Your bank account

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Quiz topic: Am I Ready to Leave Home?