Candy's Hereafter

This quiz is based off the book, The Abarat written by Clive Barker. This Abarat Quiz will test your knowledge of Candy's home, Chickentown, Minnesota.

How well have you come to know the boring place where Candy called home? You might be surprised at how little or how much you know about his place that you were so pleased to see Candy leave as she left for more exciting things on her adventure into the Abarat.

Created by: The Lady Of Midnight

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  1. Candy's teacher's name is?
  2. The library is on which street?
  3. The population of Chickentown is?
  4. Chickentown, Minnesota is "otherwise undistinguished" except for the fact that it's the ....
  5. The name of the Hotel that Candy goes to work on her project is called?
  6. Candy's address in Chickentown is?
  7. According to Norma Lipnik, Chickentown was originally named after Wallace Murkitt?
  8. The reader learns in Chapter 2 of The Abarat, that Henry Murkitt and Diamanda...
  9. Candy's project was compared to which student's perfect work?
  10. Henry Murkitt's room number at the hotel was?
  11. Which street did Candy decide to walk on after talking to Frank Wright?
  12. The Widow White's real name is?
  13. The sign that gives Candy the reaction of "Oh really?" as she walks into the prairie said...

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