Candy quiz! The super fun quiz 4 U!

Many People enjoy eating candy, but what if YOU could be a candy? Why not? But does a candy have a uniqe personality? Well the answer is YES for example: a mint would be relaxing and peaceful and would be the kind who would enjoy a dip in a pool, it is very caring and refreshing. Are YOU a mint, if not what are you? well take this quiz to find out!

Does this question always echo in your head? What am I? well if you want to know take this quiz, but it won't JUST tell you you personality, Oh No, it tells you based on it what candy would you be if you were one! So enjoy finding out! :)

Created by: Julia
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  1. If you found out the tickest to your Fav band was sold out you:
  2. Your at school and while walking out of class you get a text message saying your pet hamster just died, you:
  3. Someone passed a rumor that have a crush on the school geek, what would you do?
  4. Its a beautiful day out-side, you feel like:
  5. You dream of:
  6. A kid at school pushed you and you broke your nose, so you:
  7. Your suddenly surrounded by man eating snakes and the biggest one opens its mouth and dashes in to eat then...BAM! You wake up, but after that night mare you:
  8. Your favorite animal is:
  9. You are a ________ person.
  10. theres a really cool cellphone all you friends have that costs 170 dollars but your parents say NO to buying one, so you:

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