Which candy best reflects your parenting style?

This quiz is all in fun! Why else would you compare parenting to a candy? We all know the challenges being a good parent presents, and we can all use the time to step back and look at our parenting skills and deficits objectively.

So, what kind of candy best represents your parenting style? Do your kids know they can sugar-coat their way out of anything? Or are the everyday obstacles of parenting making you a sourpuss?

Created by: Dawn of The Proffittables
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  1. Your goodnight routine for the kids includes:
  2. To wake the kids in the morning for school, you:
  3. When the kids are fighting in the back seat of the SUV, you:
  4. You deal with whining by:
  5. When your child brings home a bad grade you
  6. What is your response to the thousandth repeat of the question, "How much farther?"
  7. Which statement best describes the effect of Grandparents on the kids?
  8. How do you celebrate your child's birthday?
  9. When do you have a family meeting?
  10. For breakfast on a school day:
  11. How many presents do you limit for Christmas?

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Quiz topic: Which candy best reflects my parenting style?