What kind of parent are you?

Everyone's parenting style is different. Do you enjoy sports with your kids? Drink too much Starbucks? Dress your child up like a doll everytime you leave the house?

Just answer 10 questions about your parenting style, and your parenting type will be revealed! Answer questions on everything from what you do for fun as a family to baby's first words!

Created by: Lisa

  1. What was your baby's first mode of transportation?
  2. After work/school the kids:
  3. Grocery store
  4. What does your family do for fun?
  5. Where do you buy kids clothes?
  6. Family vehicle
  7. What do you eat for supper?
  8. Baby's first word
  9. A good outing while the baby naps would be:
  10. A good birthday gift would be

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Quiz topic: What kind of parent am I?