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Alabama is a Gulf Coast state of the Deep South. It's land is primarily devoted to agriculture, but it also boasts the aerospace center in Huntsville, and a major port and tourism destination in Mobile.

Are you a true Alabamian? You may think so, but our quizzes will decide!

Our Alabama Quizzes

  • Are you ALABAMA?
    [by: Brittany, rated: rated: 3.12/5, published: Jul 23, 2007]

    Alabama is not known for many things, but what things it is known for probaly wont be in this quiz. This quiz is more for people who have lived in Alabama,…

  • How Alabama Are You?
    [by: Akara, rated: rated: 2.59/5, published: Oct 29, 2006]

    Welcome to the Heart of Dixie! It's a wonderful state, with many beautiful sights. But how well do you know it? Are you a true Alabamian, or have you just…

  • How Bayou La Batre are you?
    [by: Melissa, rated: rated: 2.52/5, published: Dec 6, 2007]

    Bayou La Batre is a small town south of Mobile, Al. Few can claim it as home. It's the heart and soul of home cooking and where everyone wishes they could go…

  • So You Think You Know Alabama?
    [by: Stony, rated: rated: 2.5/5, published: Mar 21, 2008]

    Alabama is a special sort of place, full of fun and unusual practices, rituals and habits. It takes an Alabamian to know an Alabamian. You can't fake your way…

  • How Alabama Are You?
    [by: Stony, rated: rated: 2.33/5, published: Mar 20, 2008]

    There are many people in this world, but only a few are lucky enough to be from Alabama. It's that fortunate few who know the true joy of yelling "War Eagle",…

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