Are you truly an Alabamian?

Alabama is an often overlooked state, grouped together with other states as simply being part of "The South." But Alabama is just as unique as any other state in the's not ALL about college football, bare feet, and funny accents.

Just how much do you know about Alabama? Are you born and raised or just passing through? Take this short quiz and find out how truly Alabamian you are!

Created by: Larissa
  1. What is the capital of Alabama?
  2. If I were visiting "the loveliest village on the plains," where would I be?
  3. Which of the following cities in Alabama is in the Eastern Time Zone?
  4. What in-state college football rivalry game takes over in late November?
  5. How many national parks are located in Alabama?
  6. If it snowed on Christmas Day, how would you respond?
  7. Which of the following interstates does NOT run through Alabama?
  8. Who is the "famous person" from Alabama?
  9. If you were going to watch the Bay Bears play, what sport are you interested in?
  10. Who is currently the governor of Alabama?
  11. If I asked you for a "pop," what would you do?
  12. How would you react if someone told you that Bear Bryant is dead?

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Quiz topic: Am I truly an Alabamian?