Are You an Alabamian?

Alabamians are a special people and usually are not given the respect that they deserve. They are not just a group of people. Their heritage, traditions, and quirks are just as numerous, or even more, than most states.

See if you deserve to call yourself an Alabamian. Or are you "Just a Yankee, *sigh*"? Or maybe even worse, a "foreigner"! Well, get on with it, y'all! Take the quiz!

Created by: s
  1. What is B-ham?
  2. What is the capital?
  3. What side was it on in the Civil War?
  4. What is the state bird?
  5. What part of the United States is it located in?
  6. What is the Iron Bowl?
  7. What is the southern equivalent of "you guys"?
  8. What is the state flower?
  9. What is "To Kill a Mockingbird"?
  10. What is the southern equivalent of "a pop"? Read the answers carefully...
  11. The large nuclear plant in northern Alabama is called _______.

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Quiz topic: Am I an Alabamian?