So You Think You Know Alabama?

Alabama is a special sort of place, full of fun and unusual practices, rituals and habits. It takes an Alabamian to know an Alabamian. You can't fake your way through this state. We'll spot you every time. But thats okay...we're friendly folks.

This little quiz is designed to sort out the true Alabamians from those who would claim bragging rights. Come on and give it a try. You've got nothing to lose and a lot of interesting tidbits to learn. Who knew the Rolling Stones recorded albums here? Interested? Jump right in!

Created by: Stony of Stony's MySpace Page
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  1. Which of the following words is not found in a redneck's vocabulary?
  2. What was the nickname for Alabama's electric chair?
  3. How many U.S. presidents are native Alabamians?
  4. What is the largest city in Alabama?
  5. Which sports figure is not a native Alabamian?
  6. Where is the world famous Big Bob Gibson's BBQ restaurant headquartered?
  7. The entire crew of the fourth space shuttle mission attended what Alabama school?
  8. What is the state bird?
  9. What NASCAR track is found in Alabama?
  10. What is the name of Helen Keller's home in Tuscumbia?
  11. What is the main north-south interstate passing through the state?
  12. What city is appropriately known as the "Rocket City"
  13. What is the longest free-flowing river in the state?
  14. What is the capitol of Alabama?
  15. Which musician is not from Alabama?
  16. What Alabama city is known to its residents as "The Tiny Kingdom"?
  17. How many terms did George Wallace serve as state governor?
  18. Auburn University boasts two Heisman Trophy winners. The University of Alabama can claim how many Heisman winners?
  19. What city has the busiest river port in the state?
  20. Which member of the Grateful Dead is from Sheffield?
  21. Which female celebrity is not from Alabama?
  22. Which characters from "The Andy Griffith Show" really are Alabama natives?
  23. What is the name of the 180' tall cast iron statue of a man baring his buttocks to the city of Homewood from atop Red Mountain?
  24. The city of Enterprise has a statue dedicated to what insect?
  25. The U.S. Army trains ALL of this type of soldier at Fort Rucker.
  26. What are the respective names of the Auburn and Alabama mascots?
  27. What city is known as the "Sock Capitol of the World"?
  28. The 1965 "Freedom March" was between what two cities?
  29. The Rolling Stone's album "Sticky Fingers" was recorded at what studio?
  30. Where is the Alabama Chicken and Egg Festival held?

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