How Truly Alabama Are You?

Are you an Alabama know it all? Think so? Take this quiz and find out how truly Alabama you are. Anyone is definitely welcome to take this quiz, no matter where you are from. Southern sweeties to Northern peeps, see how much you really know about the heart of Dixie!

Okay, you're about to find out how Alabama y'all are, so. . . How Alabama are you! Think you know anything about the Heart of Dixie? Well, you've met your match. If you don't know, take this quiz to find out how much you DO know! Have fun finding out about your knowledge of the Dirrrrrty South.

Created by: poot11
  1. Have you ever said "y'all", or heard the word y'all besides on television?
  2. Do you call your grandparents anything other than Grandma or Grandpa? (ex. Nana, Grampy, Papa, Meemaw, Papaw, Mimi)
  3. Has your momma ever skinned a chicken?
  4. Do you drink sweet tea on a regular basis?
  5. Do you regularly hear these expressions used by older people around you: 'over yonder'; 'y'all'; 'oh my word'; etc?
  6. What do you call soda?
  7. Do you view most Southern people to be prejudiced or racist?
  8. Do people tel you that you have a southern drawl?
  9. Have you ever watched the MTV series, Two-A-Days, based on the football program in Hoover, Alabama?
  10. How important is football where you live?

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Quiz topic: How Truly Alabama am I?