What Southern State are you from?

I was taking a quiz on this site and saw, Create a Quiz and gave it a try. I am from the South so I made a quiz to try to guess what state you are from. If you aren't from the South, this quiz is not for you.

The answer choices you can get are Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Other Southern State, because I couldn't fit all of the southern states into answer choices.

Created by: A person
  1. Is your state a bigger state or smaller state?
  2. What letter does your state start with?
  3. Is your state on the Coast. If so what coast?
  4. Does the Mississippi River go through your State?
  5. Does your states capital start with an A?
  6. Is your state the birth place of Jazz or Blues?
  7. Are there swamps in your state?
  8. Was your state named for a king?
  9. Was a drink invented in your state?
  10. Did you like this quiz?(Does not affect your answer.) This was my first quiz so I'm sorry if it's bad

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Quiz topic: What Southern State am I from?