Are you ALABAMA?

Alabama is not known for many things, but what things it is known for probaly wont be in this quiz. This quiz is more for people who have lived in Alabama, becuase they know the little stupid things about Alabama. A true Alabamian knows these things.

ARE YOU ALABAMA? Do you think your a true Alabamian? Do you truely know little stupid stuff about Alabama? Well now you can try at this quiz and see...

Created by: Brittany
  1. What is the Capital of Alabama?
  2. Which is not a Lake in Alabama?
  3. Which is a City in Alabama?
  4. What is the Biggest Football Rivalry in Alabama?
  5. Who was the Gov. of Alabama during the civil rights movement?
  6. What River does not run through Alabama?
  7. What fastfood restaurant in Alabama is known for their Sweet tea and their Gravy burgers?
  8. In what geographical order are these cities located in the state of Alabama: Huntsville, Jasper, Gulf Shores, Auburn
  9. What restaurant in Alabama was the movie Fried Green Tomatoes about?
  10. Lynyrd Skynyrd sings "Sweet Home Alabama"... Are they from Alabama?

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Quiz topic: Am I ALABAMA?