How Birmingham Are You?

How Brummie are you? Birmingham the largest British city outside of London. An important cultural centre as well. The concept of the Football League and lawn tennis both originated here!

The term Brummie comes from Brummagem, the city's dialect. How Brummie are you? Do you think you really know about Birmingham?

Created by: amazon
  1. You don't go to the city centre; you go 'up town'
  2. You've spent at least one day at Weston-Super-Mare.
  3. You've got onto a bus with only pound notes and had to ask a stranger for change.
  4. You know that California and Holly Wood aren't just in the US.
  5. You know that Birmingham has more canals than Venice and you tell everyone you've ever met this possibly exaggerated fact.
  6. You're not amused when you tell people you're from Birmingham and the first thing they do is shout: 'you're from BURRRMMM-ING-UUUM!'
  7. You've been to Snobs.
  8. You've rode the Bull in an intoxicated state.
  9. If someone says they've been 'round The Wrekin' you know exactly what they mean.
  10. They're islands not round-a-bouts!
  11. You catch the 'buzz'.
  12. You brush your teeth with a 'tuffbrush' before bed.
  13. You're either Blues o r Villa.
  14. You've stared at the city from the Lickey Hills.
  15. You've been to Cadbury World, Selly Manor and Aston Manor on school trips.
  16. You've fallen to sleep on the number 11 bus.
  17. You know who the 'floozie in the jacuzzi' is.
  18. Pallasades... s---hole
  19. You don't really think Solihull or Sutton Coldfield should be considered Birmingham.
  20. You thought the old New Street Station was easy to navigate.
  21. You get annoyed that people judge Birmingham because they've driven on Spaghetti Junction.
  22. It's Mom not Mum.
  23. You're annoyed the rest of the country actually does a yam yam accent when they're attempting ours.
  24. Bovril. Nuff said.
  25. You think Carl Chinn should be knighted.
  26. You knew Jeremy Kyle from BRMB's Jezza's Confessions along time before he appeared on the TV.
  27. You've swam at Tudor Grange.
  28. You've used 'she looks like she's from the back of Rackhams' as an insult.

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