do you like free mobile content

Everybody has a mobile phone. and most of them like to personalise it. Too many people still believe they should pay serious money for a snippit of music, or a simple remake of a game, find out if you are still overpaying for your mobile content

Maybe it would be a good idea if you took a few minuts to fill in this test and find out a bit more about how much mobile content should or shouldn't cost.

Created by: Len
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  1. Do you like Free ringtones in TV commercials?
  2. What should a mobile games cost?
  3. Did you ever share ringtones with your friends
  4. What do you think of the services offered by Jamba, Blinko, Celldorado, Zed, Dada and the alikes
  5. Do you think making your own ringtone should be made easier
  6. Do yo think sharing mobile pictures with your friends if fun?
  7. have you ever had a ringtone subscription?
  8. do yo think mobile content should be fun, free, and easy? something to sahre with friends and find other people with nice content at the same time?
  9. do you use you fulltrack songs as ringtones
  10. did you ever hear of Nakko, the free mobile content commuinity?

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Quiz topic: Do I like free mobile content