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  • I got all animals! I always wanted to be a vet. Right now I am 13 turning 14 and I have so much love for animals! Even pigs, horses, dogs, cats, donkeys, everything animal you can think of, I love! I would rather work with house animals like, Dogs, cats, (E.T.C) Anyone have the same thoghts and feelings as me? If so email me at [no emails] and we can talk about vets!

  • Marine vet,I do like the waters and swimming alot and find the ocean life's fascinating and awesome but I know alot more about regular pets but cool quiz anyways mate.

  • I got equine vet. I heard my Lord telling me to be a vet when I'm older, so I took a quiz to see if God was right and he was. Then, I went here to find out which type to apply for since I love all animals, even the most annoying and deadly ones. Thanks for this quiz!

  • All kinds?? Nice!:)


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