what kind of car are you??

there are many people who love their car. but there are also alot of people who get a car to show it off to people. there are the people who buy a car to have a good time while racing, and the people who buy a car to tell everyone that they have a new car.

are you the kind that loves your car and is devoted to making it better, or the kind that buys a car so everyone will watch them go down the freeway? this is the place to find out

Created by: thizz

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what kind of cars do u like?
  2. you are called to a race, what do u do?
  3. what would u want on your car?
  4. how often would you drive your race car if u hade a different car?
  5. do u like expensive cars or fast cars?
  6. drifting, drag races, or circut?
  7. what color?
  8. what year of car?
  9. are you in love with your car?
  10. how big will your rims be?

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Quiz topic: What kind of car am I??