what kind of cool are you?

there are many types of cool, and i can hepl you figure out exactly who you are in your coolness. you cant just be cool, you are only col to the group that you are in, and you may not know it, but that is what kind of cool you are.

what kind of cool do you think you are? do you know? well, i can help you with that, take this small quiz and you will know just what kind of cool you are.

Created by: britni

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  1. on a friday night what would you most likely be caught doing?
  2. who would you rather see in consert?
  3. what kind of food do you like best?
  4. what animal do you want/have?
  5. do you know what absorption means?
  6. what do good charlette, my chemical romnce, simple plan, red jumpsiut aperatis, fallout boy, him, greenday, taking back sunday, smile empty soul, jimy eat world, dashboard confesionals, a static lullaby, the used, panic at the disco and weezer have in com
  7. what do tim mcgraw, winona judd, faith hill and reba mcetire have in common?
  8. who listens to the sufaris?
  9. whot do akon, lil john, lil kim, emenem, and the ying yang twins have in common?
  10. what is your favorite color?

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Quiz topic: What kind of cool am I?