What Kind of Angel are You?

Every one wants to know what angel they are.You could be powerful and strong or peacfull and kind.I was a wind angel and let me tell you those are cool.I have many angels so it is kind of like your personality.Angels are so cool you can really have fun with this quiz!

Could YOU be a wind angel?Could you be a death angel?Dont you want to know?You never know what you will get!Until now you had no clue but now you will know.So will you try it?

Created by: Paige

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  1. Do you like to be outside?
  2. Did you like to make mud pies when you were little?
  3. Okay,so do you like to play with animals or even like animals?
  4. Do you like running?
  5. Do you like wind blowing through your hair?
  6. Do you like a warm breeze in the spring time??
  7. Do you like swimming? (Dont worry a couple more questions left)
  8. Is your favorite color blue?
  9. So..do you like to go to the beach?
  10. Do you like the shower on hot?
  11. Do you like to be hot alot?
  12. Are You An EMO??Or GOTH??
  13. Last question,where is the question?

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Angel am I?