Batman The Dark Knight Quiz

The Dark Knight is the greatesst movie ever made...there are a lot of great quotes, actors, actresses, scenes, and special effects. watch The Dark Knight it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you a Batman Fanatic? do you think the Joker is so awesome its insane??? Do you know the movie as well as you think? Does it show how much u love The Dark Knight? lets see...take the quiz!

Created by: mcrownz
  1. in the first scene of The Dark Knight which crook is the joker
  2. The Batman is really
  3. Rachel Dawes is played by
  4. How did the Joker get his scars?
  5. In the scene where Harvey is in the FBI truck and being shot at by the Joker...what kind of car was the Joker driving
  6. what do they call Harvey down in Gordon's unit
  7. how does Rachel die?
  8. the Joker gives Batman two options save rachel or save Harvey...but the Joker
  9. Who plays the Batman
  10. Who plays Harvey Dent
  11. What city does the story take place?
  12. Who does Rachel choose
  13. how many people does the joker kill to find out who is Batman before Harvey says he is Batman
  14. Do You wanna see a magic trick?
  15. Why so...
  16. Who plays the Joker
  17. What doesn't kill you makes you

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