Never Alone (Part 1)

Hi there I know you don't read this, but if you do this is my first quiz, and it will be written in first person. Also this is kinda love story, but I dont intorduce only, but one guy in here right now.

Also the result's don't matter so don't bother reading it unless ya want to. Also please cut me some slack if it Isn't that good *gives puppy dog eyes*

Created by: xbox360fan
  1. Ok to start off my name is Coal, but people call me scarface. I'm not what you call the average teen. I guess I should explain.
  2. When I was younger my dad died he was my hero. Well after a while my dad died from a unknown disease. My mom has alway's been abusive, but my dad never noticed. After my dad died the abuse become worse she started cutting me because of that I now have a scar on my right arm shaped like a cross (ya know kind like a cross on a necklace?). One day she came home drunk, and she well cut my face the scar is going from the top right corner of my head down to the corner of my lower left jaw. I couldn't take it anymore so after that I ran away.
  3. Ok well where I ran off to is a ranch people still live in it I just hide in the barn. They have four farm dog's, and two barn cat's. The first farm dog I met was a black, and white border collie named Shep. The second farm dog I met was a light red australian cattle dog named Bear. The third dog was a blue australian shepherd named Blue. The fourth was a white german shepherd named Snow. So there was two three male dog's, and one female dog's. They each are proctective over me, and manage to help me keep me hidden. The two barn cat's where both male's. The first one was a black bombay cat named Solo. The other one was a beautiful Maine Coon cat that had long fur, and tabby like marking's (no it Isn't half tabby, and the Maine Coon cat is the largest breed of cat) named Knight. Then they had ten horse's. My favorite one that took a likeing to me is a jet black stallion that is a mustang he also has a black mane, and tale with hint's of white in it his name is Prince.
  4. I never have met the family. I figure you want to know what I look like? Well I have long pure white hair with natural golden highlight's, but I keep my hair dyed jet black. My eye's are golden colored, but I normally wear mouse grey colored contact's. I also bet you want to know what I am? Ok then I'm basically a "Guardian Angel" I have of course angel like wing's that are pure white with a golden outlineing on the rim's of each wing, and on each feather tip it is light golden the rest is white.
  5. Oh, and my power's well I can heal, I can control the four element's, I can control time, I can bring people back to life if i need to, I can turn into a large white wolf with golden streak's in my fur, and I have many other power's that you will learn later on.
  6. Oh my personality well I'm a loner, I normally keep to myself, Once you get to know I'm actually really nice, and a goofball, Also I sometime's take my anger out on the wrong people. That is all you need to know about me.
  7. I woke up to the sound of the rooster I'm used to it since I sleep in the hay loft in the barn. I was greeted by Knight I gently pet his head and stood up. I headed down to a waterfall I found in a forest. I sighed, and frowned and I bathed my self in the waterfall. I then quickly got dressed in a black hoodie, dark blue skinny jean's, and pale green converse. I brushed my hair which I noticed the hair dye was still in my hair, and I gave out a sigh of relief. I then put in my mouse grey colored contact's. I went back to the barn and gathered my stuff. I then went up to Prince, and pat his side I then headed off to school. I normally get there early, but the teacher's don't seem to mind.
  8. I threw my hood over my head to hide my face as I went to math class I dont know why, but I loved school, and I loved math. I went to where I sat alone in the back keeping my face hidden. The math teacher Mr.Evan's walked in, and smiled at me. He is my favorite teacher because he is so nice He is about in his early fifty's has light brown short hair with hint's of grey, and he has pale blue eye's his hair also is slightly curly. You smiled back, and walked up to him giving him a hug, and also my homework. He was alway's like a father to me. I then walked back to my seat. It was literally the begining of the school year, but it was my last year. My smile turned into a frown as I rememberd this. Then I remember the word's that my dad told me when he died "Coal remember you will never be alone" those where his word's, and they keep reapeating themselve's over, and over in my head. My thought's then got interupted by the bell.
  9. I sighed as the class became full. I smiled slightly as no one sat down next to me. Then Mr.Evan's began teaching I heard the other student's make fun of Mr.Evan's, and I tryed to calm down. I then threw a paper ball at one of them hitting them in the head. He turned to look at me, and I smirked he had jet black hair, and dark purple eye's which Isn't a common color, but looked good on him I made sure he couldn't see my face. He just stared at me I finally couldn't take it no more "Would you turn around!" I snapped saying in a yell whisper. He did as he was told, and I snickered. Mr.Evan's then asked me to pass around some worksheet's turn's out I'm also teacher's pet. I sighed, and stood up and grabbed the paper's, and passed them around. I finished, and I sat down doing my work which was easy for me the subject I'm not good in is english. I was the first one finished, and like I alway's did I gave it to Mr.Evan's everyone seemed to stare at me, and some of them mouthed the word "can you help me?" I just shook my head no. Mr.Evan's as alway's know's that I like to wander around school after I finish my work so he went ahead, and let me. I walked out the class.
  10. I walked through the hall's down to the libary. I alway's liked going here, and learn about history, math, and science, but mostly history, and math my two favorite subject's. I'm not that good in science as well. Oh I forgot to mention my age I'm seventeen well I just turned seventeen. I sit down grabbing a book about war's, and I started to read. Sometime's I would forget about classe's which they don't really seem to notice. Only Mr.Evan's will notice if I'm not in his class. I also like art which I have after lunch. That remind's me It's lunch time now I already missed english, science, and history. Now all I have left is art, and physical education.
  11. I got to lunch, but I didn't eat all I did was sit down by my self listening to the conversation's of the other people. I knew the bell would ring soon so I got up heading to art, and I sat down where I usally do. After everyone filled in the art teacher who's name I still don't know told us to draw anything. I started to draw Prince I'm an amazing drawer so what I alway's did first was sketch the drawing out then add other detail's then add the color. I'm like litterally the best drawer. The bell rung, and I was off to the gym I of course would do track, and get it over with I'm used to running, and I also love gym class so It's easy for me. After that I left school, and went to Waffle House (If you don't know what that is look it up)
  12. I ordered my usal which was a waffle, bacon, toast, eggs, hash browns, and an omelet What I got to drink was coffe even though It's alway's night time when I get there.
  13. After I ate I went back to the ranch and fell asleep in the hay loft tomorrow was a saturday so I could do anything I wanted.

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