The Adventure Test

Some people want to be a doctor or vet, while others, they want to be a lawyer or even the president of the US. But some, they want to be an adventurous adventurer.

The Adventure Test goes through your choosing abilities to see if you can defeat the ultimate adventure. Are you ready to take on bats and lions, if you are than you better take the test!

Created by: Chandler Pierce Guyton

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  1. A hole was found under your couch. Your mother said that she didn't want to tell you about it until you were married. You are only able to ask one question to your mother you ask
  2. You hop into the hole under the couch your mother said if you are going in the hole you are gonna need some supplies. She only allows you to pick two things. You take:
  3. You are in a cave and there is nobody there. You then hear a rustling sound from a little patch of grass. Of course it couldn't be a wolf or something because it is 3 things of grass. You:
  4. A mole's head peeped out from the patch of grass. "Good I thought it was something else like a ______"
  5. You pick it up and put it in your satchel. You walk down the cave. You look up and see bats hang above you. The mole in your satchel squirms around your pack.It makes such a loud ruckus, the bats overhead swoop down to attack. You:
  6. You successfully escape from the bats and you jog down the cave to see that the path has split into three. Each path was decorated differently. Which path do you take
  7. Once you went through the path that you chose, a snake or two chased after you. You:
  8. After the snake chaos, you come across an old man who looks like he has been here for a long time. He walks up to you and asks you if you needed to buy anything from him. You tell him "Sure." You take a look on what he has got.But, you only have $10 to spend. You buy:
  9. Suddenly, the cave ends and it leads to a split path. One path was a 2D land and the other stayed 3D. Which path do you take?
  10. You go to the land you chose and found a flower in the middle of a blank field. The field was all white. the only color on the field was the bright and beautiful flower. You go to the flower and pick it out from the ground. All of the sudden, a warning lamp grew from the ground. It honked and honked. You:
  11. A herd of Lions attack you. They were also in color. They charged for you. You run away until you reach a brown door. You open it and run inside it. You were one a table, almost 2 inches tall under a lamp.You:
  12. A man comes up to you and says, " You need to go home." You are now able to say one thing to the man. You say:
  13. The man opens a portal. and in the portal was you in your bed sleeping. "You must go there." He says. You
  14. You wake up and realize that the hole was a dream. You go to the couch and look under it, just to be sure. There was nothing. You go back to bed. The next morning:
  15. The End

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