Battleon Games Quiz

This test is about all things battleon!! Do you think you know your battleon facts? Then you need to take this quiz! Heres a list of abbreviation meanings, but if youre a master, you wont need it!

DF: Dragon Fable AQ: Adventure Quest AQW: Adventure Quest Worlds MQ: Mech Quest G: General stuff about the game and characters. I hope you have fun taking my quiz!!!

Created by: Crazegirl23

  1. Lore blows up. Whos fault is it? (G)
  2. Why doesnt Artix have his destiny weapon? (DF)
  3. If you were to find a dragon egg, who should you take it to? (DF)
  4. What object that, if clicked on, will start a quest on one of the tables in the Battleon inn? (AQ)
  5. What happens to Sepulchure? (AQW)
  6. What is a character reincharnated from one of the other games? (MQ)
  7. What character does NOT change names? (MQ)
  8. Which of these is NOT a game designer? (DF)
  9. What is the only type of Dracconian wings that non-members can recieve? (AQW)
  10. Which of these is something Zorbak would say? (G)
  11. How would you recieve Dragonslayer armor? (AQW)
  12. How did Artix get his finely tuned ability for sensing darkness? (DF)
  13. How was Battleon the town created? (DF/AQ)
  14. =)
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