OMG do you love battleon games as much as I do??? Then take this quiz!!!!! If you have never played this game before, go to and play it NOW!!!!!

This Quiz will let you find out which dragon fable character you are most like. Oh and even if you arent Cysero you should NEVER touch the splashy tank. Ever.

Created by: Crazegirl23

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  1. You see an undead skeleton with a broken leg. You...
  2. Your apprentice tries to kill you. You...
  3. OMG a dragon is attacking Falconreach!!!! You...
  4. YAY!!!!! Road trip!!
  5. Omg a nest of baby dracolich eggs! You....
  6. Do you even know what this quiz is about???
  7. Sepulchure has a daughter!!!
  8. The world blows up. Whos fault is it?
  9. Drakath grows wings!!!!
  10. Sepulchure d- No wait im not going to spoil that one....what would you say if i told you this was the last question???
  11. JK this is the last question... What is your favorite color??

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