Are you a Jigglypuff Expert?

This is the most incredible quiz ever! Find out how much you know about Jigglypuff! If you are a mega Jigglypuff expert Jigglypuff will be happy! Take the quiz now!

Jigglypuff is the most awesome Pokemon ever. If you think you are a Jigglypuff Mega Master make sure to take this quiz and show the world how cool you are!

Created by: Pie4prez

  1. What is Jigglypuff's favorite food?
  2. What is a baby Jigglypuff called?
  3. What is Jigglypuff's favorite thing to do?
  4. Do Jigglypuffs have noses?
  5. If you fall asleep during Jigglypuff's Song what does it do?
  6. What type of Pokemon is a Jigglypuff?
  7. Where are most Jigglypuffs found?
  8. What do Jigglypuff's feel like?
  9. What is right on top of a Jigglypuff's head?
  10. What don't Jigglypuff's like?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Jigglypuff Expert?