The geothermal quiz!

Hello, do you think you can get 100% on this test? This test is to see if you are a geothermal expert! If you don't know what geothermal is then I will tell you! Geothermal is a source of energy from the earth that we can use for making electricity!

So do you think you can be a geothermal expert? Then try this test and see if you know everything about geothermal! There is a lot of easy questions on this test, but there are some herd ones too! So let's see if your a geothermal expert!

Created by: kathleen and lizzy
  1. where does the word *geothermal* come from?
  2. how is geothermal water heated under the earth's surface?
  3. how does geothermal work?
  4. how much electricity we produce is geothermal electricity?
  5. what is another way we can use geothermal energy other than electricity?
  6. where can we use geothemal?
  7. did people use geothermal in the past?
  8. geothermal is ___!!
  9. geothermal does not give off __.
  10. geothermal water temperatures range at about __ degrees.
  11. geothermal is a clean ___!

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