The Scariest Quiz Ever!

Get ready for the most scariest quiz out there at This quiz is just a adventure. You could pick the way YOU want to go. You will need your Imagination to fully enjoy this quiz. So.. yeah, I'm done. Read the bottom paragraph.

Join this jurney as you face off the most terrfying creatures exit! You wiil go into A creepy fog,a spider web, and Mickey mouse? More in this scary adventure! If you pick the right path then Yeah! But if you pick the wrong path then.. he'll get you....

Created by: SpeedFreak280
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  1. Ready to get scare?
  2. There's 3 paths in front of you.. A red path, a blue path, and a yellow path. Which one will you take?
  3. There's another 3 paths in front of you.. A path with all those spiders crawling, A path where you could hear screaming, and a path where you can SEE ghosts. Which one will you take?
  4. You reach a old house, a old tree house, and a wall with a hole in it. Which one will you go in?
  5. Theres a old man sitting in a chair looking at you quietly What do you do?
  6. You found the back door/wall (depending on which entrance you take) You went outside and theres a river, a raining forest, and a mountain. Which path will you take?
  7. You then found a old letter tape to a old stone heres what that letter said " Ted could hear everything you hear. He's sees everything you see. Watch out for him because I know he's out there"
  8. You found a tunnel. You went inside that tunnel. Theres 3 items laying on the ground. The items are a flashlight who has ted written over it, a torch with Green fire!, and a minecart fill of spiders and a skeleton. which item will you take.
  9. You escape the tunnel and sees a fog path ,a spooky bridge with eyes peeking, and a web path with Tons of spiders And snakes! Which one will you take?
  10. You then trip over a rock and about to fall in a cliff-hanger, but then 3 guys volunteer to help you. The guy on the right wears a mask with a axe, the middle guy has a spooky cape and you cant see his head, and the left guy dress up as mickey mouse. Which guy will you go with?
  11. The guy disappears. You want to rest, so you have three options. 1. you could sleep on that log with acid inside of it. 2. you could sleep on that rock with huge spikes. 3. you could nap on that spider web. Which one will you take a nap on?
  12. You woke up then sees a shadow hovering toward you from behind...... that shadow is getting closer and closer.... You then hear a whisper in your ear " Ted wants to play" You then look behind and you wanna know what you saw?
  13. you really want to know?
  14. Are you sure you want to know?
  15. Are you really really sure you want to know???
  16. You see a teddy bear and then it repeated " Ted wants to play" You then hugged that teddy bear and you two played together the end.

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