Zombie Apocolypse

Is a zombie apocolypse possible? Some say so. It has been covered in books and movies....does the idea have merit? For centuries the concept of zombies has been around.

Will you survive a zombie apocolypse? Will you be food?? Or maybe the leader of a new settlement? It is all in the decisions you make. Darwin may have thought about zombies taking out the weak....

Created by: Ryan

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  1. A Zombie attacks you. You defend yourself by
  2. You have to hide from zombies. You would pick what place?
  3. You have a choice of weapons. You pick?
  4. You must take a vehicle. What would you pick?
  5. 5 starngers want to join you. You can only pick one. Who do you take?
  6. You must be ready to fight at any time. What do you wear?
  7. How mentally prepared are you for zombies?
  8. You raid a grocery store. What do you take?
  9. A family member has been bitten. You decide to....
  10. You stay with how many people?

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