are u ready for a zombie invasion

are you ready for a zombie invation the test you are about to take is 25 guestions and 10 different out comes so are you ready the test will let you know

zombies might come opne day i just hope you know whatto do when they decide to show up so if you dont take test know or wait and take it later but it might be too late by then

Created by: tyler
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  1. you wake up with a wierd feeling that somthing maye be wrong what do you do
  2. the tv says stay with us for a special announcement. you do what
  3. someone bangs on the front door what do you do
  4. well its your neigbor telling yu about the infection on the
  5. your tv says to arm yorself and get to the evac center. you do what
  6. in your house what would you most likely find
  7. now what do you do with your neighbor
  8. what car do you drive
  9. first place you go is
  10. on no forgot to fill up your car what do you do
  11. you may want to get a few things whats most important
  12. someone trys to get you to give them a ride what do you do
  13. time to eat what do you do
  14. a guy carjacks you and drives off now what
  15. you come face to face with a zombie what do you do
  16. more zombies have arrived know what
  17. you enter a building with people what do you do
  18. you are almost to the evac center what do you do
  19. on your way you see three more paths 1# is a shortcut 2# the long way 3# is normal and 4# is nomarl which path do you choose
  20. so close yet so far you see some soldiers in trouble you
  21. you see people run to the woods what do you do
  22. you are so close to the evac center but a zombie is in your way your out of ammo how do you kill it
  23. need to use the rest room what do you do
  24. the evac center looks messed up in the front but you see people in the back what do you do

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