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  • The Zombie Survival Test
    Your Result: Over Cautious Survivor

    You survived by being to worked up, sometimes thats a good thing, sometimes its not. You jumped to conclusions, but in this case that saved you. A few minor injuries werent enough to bring you down. A friend or companion might have perished in front of you, but they died so that you could live. Well Done.

    Ruthless Survivor
    Barely Alive
    Zombie Food

    awww man the little graphed images didn't pop out

  • The Zombie Survival Test
    Your Result: Ruthless Survivor

    You ran, you fought, you hid, you lived. The undead didnt phase you. You have a quick mind, a steady hand, and good stanima. When the undead onslaught has either been wiped out, starved to death, or just rotted away, you will come out from hiding and people will look to your natural leadership to rebuild. Congratulations.

    aw yeah XD

  • Brilliant! This is probably the best zombie test out there! 10/10! I was slightly annoyed about the two messed up questions, but this is a very good test, well done. (i got Over Cautious lol)

  • Two words. Awe and Some...


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