What are your chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse?

There are many people out there, and there are not any zombies, when this changes, the world will become apocalyptic, and will be full of turmoil, stupid people, hungry people, dead people, deadish people, and survivors...

so I ask you this..will you be ready? will your crazy zombie movie watching have paid off? or will you become a brainless ****-crazy zombie trying to eat peoples brains?

Created by: Xole

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  1. Lets start this off with something simple...Where do you live?
  2. Now about that house of yours,describe it a bit.
  3. Are you fat?
  4. Now we get to the zombie stuff. Lets say you encounter your first zombie just outside a mall, and you have no weapons
  5. Lets assume you survived the last bit, and need to go shopping, where do you go?
  6. How many guns do you currently have in your house?
  7. How much canned food do you have in your house?
  8. Let's say you still have some time left, who do you get over to your house(lets assume everyone else's house sucks more than your's does)
  9. All good, how do you barricade your house?
  10. How many hours of sleep do you need?
  11. do you usually get stressed over things?
  12. and so theh questions continue, I sure hope your not getting annoyed by them, what do you do after the apocalypse?
  13. This house sucks...where do you go?
  14. kinda car you got
  15. lets say you encounter some other survivor group...you
  16. Kinda gun you using as primary
  17. Kinda melee weapon you using?
  18. I know, its a long quiz, but I don't care, cause you weren't the one who had to write it. Anyway! Lets assume something bad happens to your car. whadda ya do.
  19. your barricades in wherever have just been broken, you
  20. Have you read the zombie survival guide?
  21. Is this infected?
  22. Stereotypical If your best friend/girl friend has been bit whadda ya do...I can't help it...it must be asked.
  23. Your group has been over taken by zombies, you
  24. I know its a looonnnggg quiz, but bear with me, its probably the most accurate one. Suppose you have been bitten(I know, I know) you
  25. Best thing to do 6 months after the apocalypse?
  26. What do you aim for on a zombie?
  27. What kind of music is best for zombie slaughters
  28. I guess my last question will be question 30, its a nice number. Anyway, what kinda anti-zozmbie clothing you got?

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Quiz topic: What am Ir chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse?