Do You Know Your STEELERS?

There are many smart people, many true fans, are you a fan even on the off season?? Do you know the "trivia" about your Pittsburgh Steeler team? A true fan is someone that can answer any question ... scream for the black and gold ...and lend your support for this 2008-2009 season!

Let me hear you sing the song ... you know it ... READY ... here we go, steelers, here we go pittsburgh's going to the super bowl. You know the Steelers ... You better the 08-09 season is coming up .... we need you to chant, paint your face, paint your body, drink some beer and support our Steeler Team!!!

Created by: JAMIE
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  1. What city do the Steelers reside in?
  2. The Steeler logo has 3 diamonds what colors are they?
  3. Which is NOT an active player ....
  4. 2008 Schedule who is the Steelers firts regular season game?
  5. Big Ben attended what college?
  6. What was the old stadium called?
  7. What year did Art Rooney purchase this NFL franchise?
  8. Where did the Steelers play Super Bowl XL at?
  9. Which Super Bowl did the Steelers NOT win?
  10. Who did the steelers loose to in thier last post season 2008 game?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my STEELERS?