True Steelers Quiz

This is a quiz for true steelers fans. There is nothing better then being a steelers fan either you hate us or you love us, there is NO inbetween. It's smash mouth football so now lets see how much you know about your own football team

This is a quiz for fun but if you miss alot of the questions then maybe you need to go back and do some research of the Steelers, if your going to be a fan then know your stuff!

Created by: Bruce

  1. In 2008, who blocked the only punt for the Pittsburgh Steelers?
  2. Where did Justin Hartwig play his college ball at?
  3. In 2008, Who did the Steelers choose for their rookie of the year?
  4. What current player for the Steelers played againts Coach Mike Tomlin in college?
  5. How many Pro Bowls has Hines Ward made?
  6. Who was Pittsburgh Steelers kicker before Jeff Reed?
  7. What round did the Pittsburgh Steelers draft Aaron Smith?
  8. Where did Brett Kiesel going to college?
  9. Who holds the single-season rushing record in Steelers history?
  10. In Super Bowl XL who had the only Interception for the Steelers?

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