How big of a Steelers Fan Are You!?Test Yourself Here!

There are many many Steeler fans out there!!!! But whos the biggest and the best fan out of us all!!!!See if your up to scratch on your steeler facts!!!!!!

Just how big of a Steelers fan are YOU!!!Do you have the faith to qualify for this prestigious title? Thanks to this fun quiz, in just a few minutes you can find out!

Created by: go steelers

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  1. What was the Pittsburgh Steelers' original name when they began play in the NFL in 1933?
  2. Which stadium has not been a home to the Pittsburgh Steelers?
  3. What former Pittsburgh player later went on to serve on the Supreme Court?
  4. How many Super Bowl championships have the Steelers won in their history?
  5. What was the name given to the Steelers' game winning touchdown in their 1972 playoff game against the Oakland Raiders?
  6. Who is the Steelers' all-time leading rusher?
  7. Who is the Steelers' all-time leading passer?
  8. Who is the Steelers' all-time leader in receptions? # # # #
  9. Who is the Steelers' all-time leading scorer?
  10. Who was the Steelers' first 1,000 yard rusher?
  11. What team did the Steelers defeat for their first ever post-season win?
  12. What year did the Steelers win their first Super Bowl?

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Quiz topic: How big of a Steelers Fan am I!?Test myself Here!