Are You a Steelers Fan?

This quiz is basicly testing your knowledge of the legendary Pittsburgh steelers.The steelers are the oldest team in the NFL and its a good thing to know a lot of facts about them and their history.If u know them well its a good thing, if you dont its bascily bad.

Do u know the pittsburgh steelers well enough to become a fan? Trust me it takes a lot. It took me a while to lear the basics on the "Picksburgh Stillers". They are a legendary talented team with the most amazing fans. Score high on the quiz and u will be added to the amazing fans. Take this quiz to find out. So do good on this good and you will be rewarded

Created by: Darlene

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  1. How many superbowls have the steelers won?
  2. Who is the QB
  3. What is the new coaches name?
  4. Finish this statement "Im going to....."
  5. What position does Charlie Batch play?
  6. Where did the steelers get there name from?
  7. Are the steelers the oldest football team in the NFL
  8. What are the steelers colors?
  9. What is the towel called that the steelers spin around at every game?
  10. How many conference championship games ahve the steelers appeared in?
  11. What date did the steelers win there 5th superbowl?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Steelers Fan?