Which kit are you? (part 8)

This is part 8 in my Which kit are you? series. In this quiz, it's Ealgepaw's POV (point of view) and Lionstar attempts to make Onestar drop all of these outrageous accusations, but will it work?

Are you Wolfpaw? Eaglepaw? Lightningpaw? Emberpaw? Or Starpaw? If you haven't taken my first 7 quizzes then I suggest you do, or you will be confused.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. Eaglepaw's POV: Eaglepaw was sniffing the air for prey when he saw Wolfpaw running downstream. "Hey, why the rush?" He asked his sister. "Lightningpaw is in trouble." She panted. "Where at?" Eaglepaw asked, suddenly alert. "By the WindClan border, near the stream. I'm going to get Emberpaw and Starpaw." She meowed, then started running again. Eaglepaw took off to where Lightningpaw was and reached him in less than 10 seconds. Eaglepaw saw Boulderfoot charge at Lightningpaw, pinning him to the ground. Eaglepaw created a masive gust of wind that sent Boulderfoot off of Lightningpaw as he rushed forward to help. Together they drove Boulderfoot back towards the stream. Eaglepaw let out a hiss of annoyance as Boulderfoot managed to land a blow on his muzzle, drawing blood. Boulderfoot finely gave up and jumped over the border calling, "You'll be sorry for this." "Oh, yeah? You couldn't even beat an apprentice." Eaglepaw retorted.
  2. "Are you okay?" Lightningpaw asked him as he saw the blood on Eaglepaw's muzzle. "Yeah I'm fine. What about you? It doesn't even look like you have a scratch on you." Eaglepaw asked. "I think I also have Lionstar's power of not getting hurt in battles." Lightningpaw told him. "How come you get two powers?" Eaglepaw joked. "Because I'm awesome." Lightningpaw replied, jokingly. "How did you know I needed help?" He asked Eaglepaw. "I ran into Wolfpaw and she told me. She went to go get Emberpaw and Starpaw." Eaglepaw responded. Just then, the bushes rustled and Emberpaw, Starpaw, and Wolfpaw came out of the bushes. "Who attacked you?" Emberpaw demanded once she came storming out of the bushes. "Boulderfoot, but don't worry, I didn't get hurt. I have Lionstar's power too." Lightningpaw replied. "Thank StarClan." Emberpaw meowed as she let out a sigh of relief. "We should take you to Jayfeather, Eaglepaw. That cut looks bad." Starpaw meowed. "Okay." Eaglepaw replied, then padded off into the forest, after Starpaw. Once they reached the ThunderClan camp, Eaglepaw could already see what looks like a search patrol, about to go out to camp.
  3. "Where are the others?" Dovewing demands, as she comes up to them from behind. "On the WindClan border. But everything is fine." Eaglepaw replies, turning around. Dovewing let out a startled gasp as she noticed Eaglepaw's wound and then calls for Jayfeather. "Jayfeather! Eaglepaw's hurt!" She says. Eaglepaw hears a muffled, "Coming," from the medicine den then, shortly after, he comes out with some herbs in his mouth. "I'm fine, honestly. It's just a little scratch." Eaglepaw protests. "Nonsense, let Jayfeather decide that." Dovewing snaps. "Well, it's not infected or long, but it is deep. I can see his bone." Jayfeather tells them, then smears some ointment on Eaglepaw's nose, making it feel much better. 'I'm guessing that it feels better now?' Starpaw asks, through their minds. 'Yes, much better.' He replies.
  4. Just then, Lightningpaw, Emberpaw, and Wolfpaw come through the thorn barrier, carrying their prey. "Where did you guys go?" Blossomfall demanded. "Hunting." Emberpaw bluntly replies. "It doesn't take that long to go hunting and why is Eaglepaw hurt?" Blossomfall asks, narrowing her eyes at the apprentices. "I got in a fight with Boulderfoot and Eaglepaw came and helped me." Lightningpaw confessed. "Lionstar, we need to stop WindClan from doing this." Jayfeather meowed. "This isn't the first time they tried to accuse us of stealing. Remember what Emberpaw told us about her and Lightningpaw?" He asked. "Yes, I remember. Okay, I want Jayfeather, Dovewing, Hollyleaf, Eaglepaw, and Emberpaw to come with me." Lionstar meowed, then they set of towards the forest. "Wow. What happened to your wound?" Emberpaw asked Eaglepaw. "What are you talking about?" He asked, then realized that his scratch was no longer there, not even the herbs Jayfeather put on. "Huh, weird." She mumbled.
  5. Once they got to the border, Eaglepaw realized that Heathertail, Sedgewhisker, Fruzepelt (Furzepaw), and Whitetail were there on border patrol. Lionstar dipped his head in greetings then meowed, "We wish to see Onestar." "Why should we let you see him?" Furzepelt hissed. "Because, I wish to discuss something with him." Lionstar replied, calmly. "Fine. Follow me." Whitetail meowed. The two patrols headed for the WindClan camp, and when they got there, Eaglepaw wasn't surprised with the looks of hostility they were getting from this Clan of cats. Whitetail went somewhere that Eaglepaw didn't see, then shortly returned to the ThunderClan camps with Onestar. "What is it you wish to speak to me about?" Onestar asked coldly. "This is more of a leader to leader type thing." Lionstar explained. "Whatever you have to tell me in private, you can say to my whole Clan, Lionstar." Onestar meowed. "Fine, have it your way. I'm here to tell you that you need to keep your warriors off of ThubderClan territory and to stop telling them that they are stealing prey when we are on our side." Lionstar meowed, lifting his head a little so every cat could hear him. "We've never accused a ThubderClan cat of crossing the border." Onestar hissed, beginning to bristle. "Oh, really? Then do you remember Emberpaw?" Lionstar meowed, then stepped away so Onestar could see her. His intense eyesight faltered a little as he say Emberpaw but, it didn't last very long. "Yes, I remember her and Lightningpaw crossing the border." Onestar growled. "I never crossed the border, and you know it." Emberpaw said calmly. "We never know that for sure do we?" Onestar meowed. "So you didn't see her cross the border?" Lionstar confirmed.
  6. "Well, no." Onestar answered awkwardly. "And Boulderfoot," Lionstar meowed, turning his attention toward the young warrior, "Did you see Lightjinfpaw cross the river to steal prey?" He asked. "Yes, I did." Boulderfoot replied. "Oh, really? 'Cause when he came back, he wasn't wet at all, and you were the one who attacked him." Lionstar said with an edge to his voice. "I was defending myself from him when he attacked me." Boulderfoot growled. "No, you jumped across the border and attacked him. Trust me, I heard you." Dovewing meowed, sternly. "Onestar, if you don't stop these accusations and attacks, ThungerClan will be ready to fight." Lionstar meowed and then with a flick of his tail, the ThunderClan patrol walked out of the WindClan camp, with there heads held high.
  7. Just then, Onestar, Ashfoot, Boulderfoot, Whitetail, Sedgewhisker, and Furzepelt came running out of their camp, and surrounded the ThunderClan patrol. "You didn't think we'd actually let you leave, did you?" Onestar sneered. "Have you forgotten my power, Onestar? And I'm sure you and Ashfoot have noticed something unusual about Emberpaw and I'm sure Boulderfoot noticed something strange about the timing from the wind and then Eaglepaw showing up." Lionstar meowed calmly. "That doesn't matter, your outnumbered since you brought your medicine cat." Onestar spat out. "Oh, really? Then where is he?" Lionstar asked. Eaglepaw looked around and saw Jayfeather's tail slip through the trees. 'Clever idea.' Eaglepaw thought. "It doesn't matter, you're still outnumbered five to six." Onestar hissed. "Numbers don't win a fight, skill does." Lionstar replied. "And we have a lot of it." With that, Onestar let out a yowl of rage, and charged into Lionstar.
  8. Eaglepaw turned around and saw Boulderfoot running towards him. He quickly ran out of the way, making Boulderfoot trip over his paws and land on the ground. Eaglepaw quickly looked around and saw Emberpaw battling against Sedgewhisker, Hollyleaf was fighting Ashfoot, Dovewing had Furzepelt, and Lionstar was fighting both Onestar and Whitetail. Thinking of an idea, Eaglepaw quickly went over and managed to get Sedgewhisker of balanced and pushed her into Boulderfoot, making them both fall. "Emberpaw, I need you to create a fire around those two. Don't ask why, just do it." Eaglepaw meowed and Emberpaw did as she was told and made a fire around them. Eaglepaw then ran around the fire, causing a fire tornado and making Sedgewhisker and Boulderfoot screech in terror, and making the battle come to a halt. He stopped running around them, but the tornado kept on spinning. "Are you going to let us go back to our own territory now?" Eaglepaw challenged Onestar. "Or shall we keep them trapped, like you were going to trap us?" Anger blazed in Onestar's eyes as he replied, "Let them go!" "Are we promised a safe passage back to ThunderClan?" Lionstar meowed. "Yes, now let them go!" Onestar yowled. With a nod to Eaglepaw and Emberpaw, they stopped the fire tornado.
  9. Sedgewhisker and Boulderfoot came panting out of the dead grass, fear in their eyes. Then all of the WindClan patrol headed back to camp. "That was quick thinking back there." Lionstar praised them. "Thanks, but it was all Eaglepaw's idea." Emberpaw confessed. "Very good, Eaglepaw." Lionstar meowed, dipping his head. "Is anyone hurt?" Hollyleaf asked. She had some blood and scratches on her flank, but they weren't too deep. "Furzepelt managed to hit me pretty hard on my flank." Dovewing confessed, gasping for air. She turned to the side so they could all see it and she had a deep scratch where she said it was, staining her silver/white pelt. "What are Ivypool and Whitewing going to say when they see this?" Hollyleaf meowed, half joking, half serious. "Forget them. Just think of what Bumblestripe is going to say." Doveing replied, letting out a mrrow of laughter. "Come on, we better get going." Lionstar meowed. As the patrol headed on, Lionstar turned towards Eaglepaw. "Why don't you go run ahead and tell Jayfeather, but no one else. We wouldn't want the whole Clan freaking out." He said. Eaglepaw nodded his head in reply, then quickly took off towards the entrance. He reached it in less than four seconds and headed towards Jayfeather's den. "Jayfeather, Dovewing and Hollyleaf are going to need something for their wounds." Eaglepaw told him. "Who's worse?" Jayfeather asked as he went to the back of the medicine den to get the herbs he needed. "Dovewing." Eaglepaw meowed and then was dismissed. As he walked out into the clearing, he saw Wolfpaw, Lightningpaw, and Starpaw run up to him. "What happened?" Lightningpaw demanded. "You'll find out soon enough." Eaglepaw meowed. "I already know what happened, and know why you can't say anything." Wolfpaw meowed. "Why can't he say anything?" Lightningpaw asked. "Because Lionstar told him not to until they got back." Starpaw replied. "How does she know?" Lightningpaw asked, completely confused. "Because I can hear and see things really far away and the images are in my head so when Starpaw reads my mind, she can see what's happening too." Wolfpaw explained. "That's pretty cool." Lightningpaw mumbled, half to himself, half to the rest of the group. Before anyone could say anything, Lionstar, Hollyleaf, Dovewing, and Emberpaw walked into the camp.
  10. Sorry if you didn't get a lot of choices to pick which cat you would get, but I've just decided that you can pick which one you want, and to make up for it, I've tried to make the "questions" longer.
  11. Which kit/apprentice do you think you are?
  12. Please rate and comment and tell me which apprentice you like the most and/or which one you least like, if any.

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