How Well Do You Know Volleyball?

Hello! My name is Alessandra, I'm twelve, and I am OBSESSED WITH VOLLEYBALL!!! Ever since I was introduced to it in early September of 2015, I loved it! It was only a dream to be on the volleyball team because I thought i was bad, but eight months later, I was accepted on the JV volleyball team! :)

Now it's the summer before my first tournaments and I thought, "Wouldn't you want to be quizzed on your skills in volleyball?" So I decided I would make an honest quiz telling people how skilled they were. Remember: I don't know you so this may be slightly inaccurate. Have fun!

Created by: Alessandra
  1. Are you on in a volleyball team/club?
  2. What is the preferred order of getting the ball over the net?
  3. Pancake! Explain!
  4. Can you hit the ball two consecutive times(two times in a row)?
  5. Can you carry?
  6. What's your stereotype?(this is just for fun)
  7. "Shag our balls" Says the coach(s). Your response?
  8. How do you pass?
  9. How do you set?
  10. How do you hit?
  11. What is a block?
  12. Final question: When you go play volleyball at your next game or play volleyball period, what are you going to do?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Volleyball?