How much do you know about Volleyball?

Alot of people look at the sport Volleyball ad think " That sports easy. Anyone can play it." But little do they know is you have to have fast reflexes and good vision.

How much do YOU know about Volleyball? Are you a True Volleyball Player or a Phony. Take my Quiz to find out. Is Volleyball in you? Or is it just on the tip of you tongue about to fall off?

Created by: Liaaa_Mariee

  1. Which play starts the game?
  2. What does it mean when the ref calls "2"?
  3. What is a set called when the setter sets it outside?
  4. When a player pops up the ball with their backhand what is it called?
  5. When the Left and Middle are blocking who is suppose to be covering tips?
  6. How many players are on the court?
  7. When Someone Spikes the Ball and no one Touches it it is a?
  8. When the Ball Hits the Line is it?
  9. How liberos are you Allowed to have?
  10. What is a Libero?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Volleyball?