Which volleyball position is right for you?

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Volleyball is a great sport for athletes of all types, find out which position is best for you! Do you think that you a setter, hitter, or a libero?

Do you leave the court with floor burns all over your knees or do you play it on the safe side? Every position has it's own rules and plays, so let's see if you are playing the right position!

Created by: Chelsea
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  1. How would you consider yourself height-wise compared to the rest of your team?
  2. What is your best ability on the court?
  3. How consistent are you with your passing?
  4. Are you willing to throw yourself around on the floor to dig up a ball?
  5. Would you say that you have light, easy hands?
  6. Would you rather be..
  7. The ball is about to fall into a hole on the court, what do you do?
  8. Do you like to be loud on the court?
  9. Would you prefer to be the leader on the court or deal with whatever happens?
  10. Would you like to be skilled in one thing or multiple different things?

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