Volleyball quiz for MCJ 16

This quiz is to help see where my players stand with volleyball knowledge. It has basic to more complicated questions. Going over rules, defense, offense, terms and attitude.

It will help me to evaluate what we need to go over in practice before our first tournament. Its easy to say you know a lot about volleyball but you really never know until you do something like this!

Created by: Lindsay

  1. In Volleyball how many Positions are there on the court when running a 6-2?
  2. Volleyball was invented in what year?
  3. Which one of these is not considered a type of serve used in volleyball?
  4. How many total players are on the court in a sanctioned tournament play?
  5. Which of the following is not a fault
  6. If you have to free ball the third touch where is the best place to send the ball
  7. Offense wins points, Defense wins games?
  8. It is not desireable to put the best defensive player in positions to which most balls are hit
  9. If two players simultaneously touch the ball how many hits is that considered to be?
  10. Which of these is not a term for a type of hit
  11. In serve recieve when should you call the ball?
  12. A one set is meant to do what?
  13. The right side player cannot run anything but a 5.
  14. Before a play begins what 3 things are you supposed to do?
  15. In a tight match what dont you want to do?

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