World Cup Cricket Quiz

Cricket is a game which is spread to now over 50 countries across the world. Let's test your knowledge about this game which is played now in many formats.

World cup cricket started in 1975 whereas traditional game had started in 1880. Now let's test your knowledge about the cricket world cup which is held every four years.

Created by: Ajay Gupta
  1. Which team won the 1975 cricket world cup?
  2. Which team won the 1979 cricket world cup?
  3. Which team won the 1983 cricket world cup?
  4. Which team won the 1987 cricket world cup?
  5. Which team won the 1992 cricket world cup?
  6. Which team won the 1996 cricket world cup?
  7. Which team won the 1999 cricket world cup?
  8. Which team won the 2003 cricket world cup?
  9. Which team won the 2007 cricket world cup?
  10. Which team won the 2011 cricket world cup?

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