Are You a TRUE Cricket Fan?

Cricket is a good, calm sport with a great history and an even better future. Could YOU have what it takes to be a cricketing hero? If you think you do then take this quiz because this is where you will find out whether or not you are the king of cricket!!

If you play cricket, you have a great advantage on this quiz than anyone who doesn't, especially if they live in a country that doesn't play the beautiful game :( Please rate and comment on this quiz because it would mean a lot to me if you did!!

Created by: Hannah
  1. OK, starting off easy, how many players make up a cricket team?
  2. Which of these ways can you not be out?
  3. How long is an adults wicket?
  4. One of the 2 umpires in cricket stands behind the non-striker's end wickets, where does the other one stand?
  5. How many balls are in an over?
  6. A batsman is running and the fielder has the ball. The fielder throws the ball and it hits the stumps. The batsman has his bat on the line when the wicket is hit. Is he out?
  7. Do you play cricket in your country?
  8. How does the batsman hit a 6?
  9. Which of these is not a first-class county?
  10. If there is rain, what is the name of the rule the umpires would put into play when they came back on the field?
  11. What is the shot called when a player hits the ball to point?
  12. How many stumps are there in total?
  13. What is the fielding position when the fielder is on the 45 degrees on the batsman's leg side?
  14. What do the opening bowlers usually bowl?
  15. In a test match, what is the man called that comes in to bat just before close of play?

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Quiz topic: Am I a TRUE Cricket Fan?