How Tyke are you?

Since you no longer need to be born in Yorkshire to play cricket for them, it can be difficult to tell who is Tyke and who is just a pretender. Do you think it's all whippets and flat caps or tea and cricket?

Take this test to find out if you are a true Yorkshireman or just a pretender. If you score highly you may even qualify to put your gumpiness and tight-fistedness down to your culture!

Created by: 13thMonkey

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  1. Yorkshire is?
  2. The national sport of Yorkshire is?
  3. Who won the War of the Roses?
  4. Ne'er do 'owt fer nowt, unless it's fer thi'sen...
  5. Where do the ducks play football?
  6. Where is Yorkshire Tea grown?
  7. Who are the enemy?
  8. What are clogs?
  9. Have you ever been up a snicket?
  10. Which of the following isn't a Yorkshireman
  11. How should Yorkshire pudding be eaten?

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Quiz topic: How Tyke am I?