How well do you know League of Legends?

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Many people enjoy testing their knowledge of their favorite games and showing that knowledge off to their friends when they're new to a game. Who doesn't like being the leader of their team, showing everyone the ropes to success? Or even failure?

League of Legends is quite popular among teens and young adults, and there are even ranked teams that battle each other in countries around the world. Although, it can be a both fun and painful gaming experience, there is more than just 'playing the game' with LoL. What do you know?

Created by: Moyashi
  1. What do you call the players of the game?
  2. Who comes in the starter bundle?
  3. What is the name of the main 5v5 map in the game?
  4. What is the objective of the game in order to achieve victory?
  5. Who is the boss creature in the Twisted Treeline map?
  6. On to a bit of lore. Who helped in the revival of Sion?
  7. LoL has many different events and specials that go on throughout each year. Which of these special game modes is one where you choose your enemy's team?
  8. These two city-states are in rivalry due to their industries. Both seek to make progress in mechanics and technology.
  9. Which Champion is a part of the Dunk Prophecy?
  10. Who is the adopted son of General Du Couteau?
  11. What are the small (very adorable) Champions in the Institute of War?
  12. What is the estimated amount of time a normal 5v5 games takes?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know League of Legends?