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This quiz is a simple quiz about some games I like to play. Note: I don't play the same games you do (at least those are the chances), but either way, give this quiz a try!

These games are games I have gathered some knowledge of, and I would like to share this knowledge. Now, enough of me talking. Give this quiz a try! See you at the result page!

Created by: Matthew
  1. In Geometry Dash, what version introduced star ratings?
  2. In Clash Royale, how much HP is left on a level 9 Crown Tower if a Balloon gets two hits and a death bomb on it?
  3. In Brawl Stars, which of these is a Legendary Brawler?
  4. In Wii Sports, how many innings does a baseball game have?
  5. In Minecraft, how many units of a material do you need to craft a full armor set AND a full tool set?
  6. In Fortnite Save the World, Swordmaster Ken is what rarity?
  7. In Mariokart Wii, what is the final course in the Mushroom Cup?
  8. In Pokemon (any Pokemon game), what does Wynaut evolve into?
  9. In The Battle Cats, what is the highest rarity of Cat obtainable?
  10. Who made Red Remover?

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