What's your Competitive Pokémon Playstyle?

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Lots of us play Pokémon games, but only a few of us play competitively. For some, competitive Pokémon can seem esoteric and hard to start because the other player seems to always be hacking. So, you may ask, how do I do best there?

This quiz can help you identify your playstyle so you know where to start and how to be most effective and, most of all, have fun! Note that this quiz is for the video games and does not cover the Trading Card Game.

Created by: Dylan Attix
  1. What do you value most, above all else?
  2. When constructing a team, what is the main thing you try to accomplish?
  3. How do you plant the seed for your team? Where do you get the concept?
  4. What kind of team or strategy do you dread running into?
  5. Let's say you have a very versatile Pokémon that does a lot of things well. Among other things, it can learn Ice Beam, Drain Punch and Will-O-Wisp. What do you teach it?
  6. You've got a Pokémon whose abilities are Adaptability, Clear Body and Mold Breaker. Which do you use?
  7. Kartana can learn Vacuum Wave even though it has low special attack. Do you use it anyway?
  8. Game Freak announces a new Pokémon and you get to see its stats, movepool and abilities. What do you notice first?
  9. How do you deal with Stealth Rock?
  10. Your opponent switches in a Garchomp. Your Pokémon's Frisk reveals it has Groundium-Z. What's your gut reaction?
  11. The team preview reveals you opponent has a Terrakion and a Whimsicott. What's your reaction?
  12. Bonus question, no effect on the result. Have you ever been to a Play! Pokémon event and/or a VGC tournament?

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Quiz topic: What's my Competitive Pokémon Playstyle?