Which overwatch character best suits your playstyle?

Do you play, or want to play Overwatch? Have you yet to decide which character to play, then this quiz won't tell you. Apparently I can't just fill the summary with dots.

What it will do on the other hand is inaccurately tell you which hero you might choose, if there were 13 heroes and Baston and Torbjorn were similar to Hanso and widowmaker. It will also insult you if you play offense.

Created by: D3rp123
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you enjoy playing as a team, or playing solo?
  2. High Damage, High Mobility
  3. Do you rely on your speed or on your health?
  4. Should the enemy see you, or not?
  5. Spray and pray, or high precision
  6. Fav colour. choose blue if you don't want your results to be affected by such a stupid random guess.
  7. Click 1
  8. Click 1
  9. Click 1
  10. Click 1

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Quiz topic: Which overwatch character best suits my playstyle?