Overwatch Amateur Quiz

Many people play the awesome team shooter Overwatch. But there are some things about the game many people don't know. And so, I ask you this question: Do you?

Do you know more about Overwatch than the average player? Although this quiz only really covers basic stuff, it is still a quiz that determines how well you know this game.

Created by: Cole Alexander Mashburn
  1. How much ammo does D.va's mech have?
  2. Which of these characters has a hook?
  3. T/F: Bastion and Zenyatta are Omnics.
  4. Which of these characters can build turrets?
  5. T/F: Reinhardt used to have an axe instead of a hammer.
  6. T/F: Overwatch heroes are ranked in difficulty.
  7. Which of the following heroes are brothers?
  8. How many sniper characters are there currently in overwatch?
  9. What game is being played on every map?
  10. How many total configurations does Bastion have?
  11. T/F: Overwatch is set in the year 2091.
  12. Which of these companies created Overwatch?
  13. Which of these are Reaper's primary weapon?
  14. What is Soldier 76's Ultimate Ability?
  15. Which of these characters is a Tank?

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